Юбка Stefanel VG024D_71804 0900

Юбка Stefanel VG024D_71804 0900
Юбка Stefanel VG024D_71804 0900

Юбка Stefanel - происхождение бренда: Италия - производство: Китай - материал: 62% полиэстер, 33% вискоза, 5% эластан - особенности модели: юбка сбоку застегивается на молнию, длина для размера S (42) - 48 см - цвет: черный - рекомендации по уходу: бережная стирка при температуре до 30°, гладить при температуре до 110°, допускается щадящая химическая чистка

VG024D_71804 0900


Sending a request to [email protected], you can request further clarification at any time. For more information, see section "Shipments & Returns". Compulsory or optional supply of data The completion of the form is voluntary and therefore optional. The data on this form will be used to send commercial and promotional communications to the e-mail address that you have indicated. Process operators and managers The staff of Stefanel Spa may have access to the data, in their capacity as process operators and managers, for the purposes of mailing. Идеально подходит для создания дневного образа. Картины Artangels Жикле в раме Ангелы исполняющие мечты. Additional information Remember to check that the e-mail address you send us is correct.

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. Длина придает юбке игривости и делает ее универсальной.

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. Утюг Bosch Sensixxx DI90 ProHygienic TDI903231H. Rights acknowledged by the law You may exercise the rights envisaged by art.

Area of communication or distribution The data on this form can be communicated to other companies in the Stefanel group, for the mailing of communications requested; Remember that the data must be communicated to the Authorities when requested. Process owner and managers The owner of the process is the company Stefanel S.p.A. The return policy is easy and quick, available at the following link.